Superfoods – what’s the story?

Defined by the Meriam Webster Dictionary as “a food that is rich in compounds (such as antioxidants, fibre, or fatty acids) considered beneficial to a person's health”, superfoods are the life blood of the wellness industry. They are usually plant-based and are absolutely packed with nutrients.

Because of this healthful abundance, they are popular with anyone who wants anything from better immunity to clearer skin, balanced hormones or improved gut health.

While superfoods can be eaten fresh as part of our meals, they are also available in powder form – as is the case with our HUX Superfood Blend, which is such a coveted product because it packs in all your daily superfood requirements into one delicious drink. (And by the way, we don’t have a loose definition of “delicious”, both our Original and Vanilla flavours are truly tasty no holding your nose and hoping for the best as you sip).

One daily dose – which is gluten and sugar free -  will give you all the daily vitamin and greens quota your body needs – there are some 18 superfoods within the blend including papaya and guava, plus minerals and probiotics.

We hope this sounds impressive, because it’s meant to! But what’s really the most exciting is what this blend of so much goodness can do for you.

  • It supports the immune system. Lots of things can affect immunity – including stress, poor diet and even pregnancy so anything that can help ward off the threat of coughs, colds and other infections is a welcome, right?
  • It improves gut health. Having compromised digestion leads to reduced mobility, headaches, acne and bloating and given the link between the stomach and the brain, makes people feel utterly miserable. HUX’s Superfood Blend contains probiotics which help to restore balance within the gut.
  • It helps grow and maintain muscle mass. Superfoods aren’t confined to plants, but our blend is plant-based – using phytochemicals plant compounds. In fact, HUX products contain no animal products at all. It’s a misconception that the best or only source of decent protein is found in meat. Our Superfood Blend boasts Organic Pea Protein and Organic Brown Rice Protein which contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.
  • It boosts energy – it’s all that goodness hitting your system at the same time.
  • It supports brain function, keeping you bright eyed, alert and free from fatigue and brain fog.
  • It satisfies hunger. This is not to be misunderstood as ‘supresses hunger’.

 And all of this happens in just a single daily dose of HUX Superfood Blend. The ultimate one hit wonder.