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A comprehensive plant-based blend of 17+ organic superfoods, greens, protein, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, fibre, prebiotics and probiotics in one scoop.

We only ever use the highest quality ingredients, at clinically studied dosages, utilising the latest innovation in bioavailability to deliver noticeably positive health benefits.

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Satisfaction guarantee

From only £2.15 per serving

From only £2.15 per serving

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Free delivery, always

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Supports immunity
Aids recovery
Improves gut health
Regulates hormones
Supports muscle, bones & nerves

Packed with antioxidants

HUX Superfoods is packaged with greens, vitamins and minerals to support your immunity - including +100% RI of Vitamin A & D

Recover faster

Our complex includes potent ingredients like plant-based protein, vitamin B12 and Ashwaganda (KSM – 66®) to aid recovery from heavy exercise through to everyday stresses

Pre & probiotics included

Gut health is vital for immune function, mental health management and in the constant fight against disease. HUX Superfoods has both pre & probiotics to help keep your gut microbiome healthy.

Hormone regulation

Magnesium is an essential mineral utilised by over 300 enzymes. It is involved in the maintenance and health of the majority of the human body, including hormone regulation and nerve repair. Each serving contains 67% of your daily RI.

Feel stronger inside and out

Containing 30% RI of Calcium, Iron & Iodine, HUX Superfoods supports bone density, energy production and thyroid regulation.

How our HUX 'all-in-one' blend compares

HUX daily superfood blend has been designed to be a more complete nutritional blend than anything else on the market. See how we compare:


18+ Superfoods

Vitamins A, B12 & C

Vitamin D

Pre & Probiotics







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Damien, Fadi & Alistair

The people behind HUX

Our founders, Damien, Fadi & Alistair found that even though they wanted to invest in their health, finding the right supplements —which, when, for how long and so on – was confusing and stressful. They were constantly disappointed by a category that is bland, boring and inaccessible.

So HUX was born. This is wellness that actually works for you, whether you’re picking up weights, or the kids. Working all day, or out all night. Something big, bright, beautiful and orange in a world of boring beige.

Health for real life. So you can get on with living it.

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