Reclaiming wellness

What does ‘wellness’ mean? And to who? This is something we’ve been asking a lot at HUX, questioning the term, examining who it’s for and what it entails.

And what we’ve realised is this – ‘wellness’ is for everyone but in the wrong hands it can become synonymous with a restrictive lifestyle filled with rules and dogma. At HUX, we aren’t about that.

We want to reclaim ‘wellness’ and to us ‘wellness’ is about feeling good on your own terms. It’s not news that good health is about balance and stability, but it bears repeating.

You don’t need to be an elite athlete or a gym bunny or commit to restrictive diets to enjoy your body and your life, or to feel energetic, enthusiastic, happy and healthy.

We know that life is the ebb and flow of good days and bad days. Sometimes you’re winning: up with the larks, doing a spot of dawn HIIT and getting a few emails boxed off before the morning officially begins… and other days are one hundred percent less smug as you sleep through alarms, lock yourself out of the house in your pyjamas and clock up a step count of sub 300 before soothing yourself with a huge glass of wine as the clock strikes 6pm.

What we’re offering with HUX is a life enhancer, rather than a lifestyle. What we do is powerful, not magical.

HUX gives everyone a daily edge to modern life: supplements that will become a habit you never want to kick, they are potent, delivering powerful superfoods in one daily dose.

We had also noticed how much confusion there is around supplements – which to take, when, how long for and so on – and wanted to take a complex, sophisticated product but make it simple and stress free.

Behind the scenes at HUX are founders Damien, Fadi & Alistair. They have combined expertise in nutrition, sport & fitness and tech but they are also three friends who set out committed to find a way for people to benefit from nutritional supplements without any confusion. In short, they did the groundwork in finding out how to make the best ingredients work hardest for consumers. No more lurking around the supplements aisle in Whole Foods for 45 minutes picking up and putting down pots and bottles before leaving with either everything or nothing.

Our products’ compositions have been deeply considered and meticulously designed so that they make complex products easy to navigate.

The complexity of HUX is in its science, in the composition of its supplements and in how they make our bodies work that little bit better. The simplicity of HUX is in its easy, potent dosage. And that synergy between complexity and simplicity is just another example of HUX’s commitment to perfect balance.