Our Range

From our gold standard greens powder to award winning hydration tablets, and vegan collagen capsules. Use HUX supplements to help you feel better, sleep better & live better.

Eco Bulk Orders 💚

Reduce the carbon footprint of your subscription and save money on your subscriptions but getting 3x of your favourite greens powder delivered in one go. 


You can choose deliveries every 9 or 12 weeks to suit your needs.

Hydration Tablets & Electrolyte Supplements

Award Winning hydration tablets - best tasting hydration pills & electrolyte tablets in the UK 🏆.

Rehydrate 3x more than water alone! Replenish your body with essential electrolytes & minerals + our hydration tablets contain added potassium, zinc, chloride, manganese and magnesium for optimal hydration and absorption. 

Complete Daily Greens - 7 Day Trial Packs

Try HUX greens powder for 7 days and feel the difference in your energy, mood & sleep!


Fall asleep faster. Stay asleep longer. Wake up sharper.