The daily edge for modern life

HUX is a powerful supplements drink that plugs the gaps in your diet with the things you need the most; fruits, veg, and high-dosage vitamins and minerals all in one easy to drink blend.

The ultimate one-hit wonder

Superfood Blend - Original

Superfood Blend - Vanilla

  • Supports Optimum Health & Immunity

  • Supports Brain Function

  • Improve Digestion & Gut Health

  • Organic Superfoods

    With 17 organic fruits and veg crammed into each serving, your brain & body will be thanking you

  • Potent Ingredients

    Our serving size and ingredients are powerful, hardworking and effective. We don’t mess about

  • Plant-Based

    Phytochemical plant compounds have beneficial effects working with other essential nutrients to promote comprehensive health and wellbeing

  • Tastes Good

    No grinning and bearing it. Not an acquired taste. A superfood blend you'll look forward to having

Don't just take our word for it..

Since I started taking HUX, I feel so much more energised in the mornings! Sets me up really nicely for the day.


Feels great to know that I'm doing something good for my mind and body every day.


It took me a week or so to get into it but I'm now addicted to my morning superfood hit!


I've literally stopped taking 3 sets of supplements since HUX has it all...thank you!



The daily edge for modern life

Embodying the force of habit, HUX is for real lives lived on individual terms in an ever-changing world. It is the link between potent and potential. It is powerful, not magical, and delivers in one stop, full stop.

Removing confusion, complexity and noise.
Adding energy, enthusiasm and clarity.
One stop. Full stop.

Because life is about your path.
Not the beaten path.

Lifting iron or tackling the ironing?
Kicking up dust. No frills, no fuss.
Park run? Home run? Or just the school run?
It doesn’t matter.

Whatever your goals, we’ll help you
raise a glass to them.

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