Why stress awareness is important & how fragrance can contribute to all over wellbeing with Aery Living

Stress awareness month began in 1992 and is held every April. Its main purpose is to raise awareness of our modern-day stress epidemic and open opportunities for discussion on causes and cures for this 21st-century problem. 

The impact of stress on our day-to-day lives can be huge so it's important to create space and time for being able to process or open-up about our stress to friends, families and colleagues.

Creating a safe environment to either discuss your stress concerns or a physical place you feel content and comfortable. This can be so important in managing the burden that stress can bring. 

One way you can address this is to make small steps and integrate self-care into your daily routine.

The term self-care is used a lot these days. For some, it can feel daunting and unclear where to start. Either way there is no one size fits all when it comes to self-care. This is why incorporating fragrance and Aromatherapy into your daily routines can make you feel energised, relaxed and ready to take on new challenges.

 There are so many ways you can start drawing these into your day. Through the comfort of lighting a candle and having a mineral rich bath – to having a much-needed spring clean whilst you spritz away with room mists. We’d suggest also adding reed diffusers in bedrooms, living rooms and reception areas so you can experience a continuous and long-lasting fragrance.


Frankincense is perfect for encouraging focus and balance in the mind, making it a vital essential oil for self-care and wellbeing. A sweet yet woody scent works like a sedative and will enhance your mood by reducing feelings of stress and anxiety! Not only this it's known to improve with focus and concentration


Chamomile is another traditional essential oil when it comes to aiding wellbeing. Chamomile acts as a mild and natural sedative so it’s perfect for organically reducing anxiety and helping to improve sleep quality. Also known to promote positive, relaxed feelings, which in turn help to further enhance physical comfort.


The perfect essential oil for balance, bergamot has long been used in folk medicine to help reduce anxiety symptoms and dispel low mood. Bergamot is perfect for balancing your feelings and encouraging emotional stability.


Geranium is a gardener’s favourite, but who’d have thought this vibrant plant could also help benefit the mind and body? Geranium essential oil can be used to help reduce stress, fatigue and tension, as well as enhancing focus and concentration. This makes it the perfect essential oil for scenting your home with.


Lavender is an absolute classic when it comes to promoting wellbeing. Used in medicine since the ancient Egyptian period, this fragrance is great for those who have trouble switching off or getting to sleep. Shown to reduce stress and aid with a good night’s sleep, this essential oil is perfect for those looking to unwind. 

Feelings of stress and anxiety can come from anywhere. Affecting each person differently and varying from everyday stress all the way to anxiety disorders. Worrying and feeling anxious is totally normal albeit not a nice experience but it’s something we’ve evolved to do. We’ve got a few simple ways to make your days as stress-free possible. Small changes will often give big rewards!


Giving yourself an easy breezy routine to follow throughout your day-to-day can work wonders! Time and space to organise everything you may need for the week ahead can help reduce stress - allowing you more time for the things that matter! Techniques such as meal planning or prepping, packing bags or lunches the night before and planners will all contribute to feeling that little bit more chill.


Simply making choices like adding a fruit or salad option to your meal deal or taking the stairs instead of a lift is a great start. Eating healthier and exercising more makes you feel better and eventually, the effects of healthier living will improve your mood and overall wellbeing.


 As simple as it sounds, listening to what your body and mind need in the moment can help ease tension and increase wellbeing. If you’re feeling burnt out and need to cancel social plans, then have a pamper evening instead! Or if you’re feeling pent up then make time to get moving and do some exercise, even if it’s just a few yoga stretches.

Combining fragrance and aromatherapy into your days and self-care routines can be so beneficial to our overall wellbeing. Scent is such an important sense. Sending signals to your brain of memories and even encouraging general feelings or focus or relaxation. Here are a few of our favourites that are sure to contribute to lowering your stress levels and induce a wonderful sense of calm or positivity!