HUX is 6 months old!

HUX is 6 months old! 

It is a small milestone, but to be alive and kicking after almost two years of development and testing is something that felt right to celebrate. A point to point at. 

A deep thank you to everyone who has bought HUX so far; for the Instagram follows, the newsletter sign ups, the feedback, the encouragement, and for mentioning us to your friends. It all fuels our resolve and fills our HUX glass. 

We set out to reclaim “wellness”. Feeling good on your own terms through effective daily rituals, not restricted by onerous rules. Health. For real life. So you can get on with living it.  

We have sent out thousands of orange tubs, jars and boxes across the country filled with HUX supplements, giving our consumers their daily edge. To indulge in one of our favourite quotes:

"BRILLIANT! I’ve been taking the Original Superfood Blend for a month now and can already see an improvement in my energy levels, mental clarity and sleep. Really happy to have found a vegan blend that tastes great and contributes to my protein and vitamin requirements, all in a plastic free tub. Will definitely continue to include this into my daily routine going forward. 😊 "

And this is just the beginning…

Our pledge is to provide potent, holistic, meticulously sourced and expertly created products that tackle the most pressing daily nutrition needs. HUX is your insurance policy, your booster shot, the extra hour of focus or the gift of sleep after another long day - your secret weapon. Your daily edge. No magic. No trickery. 

And with that we want to make more commitments to you starting with this monthly newsletter. 

Our newsletters will, we hope, be a few minutes' escape each month, offering food for thought on how we live today. From educating you about what’s in HUX products and why, to demystifying some health topics cropping up across the internet…and everything in-between. 

Please keep us posted on how HUX gives you the daily edge and thank you again for the big love and support. 

Team HUX

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