Your October Newsletter is here!

We say it every month but boy did October fly by!

This month was crazy busy and it feels like life really picks up a pace at this time of year, things get hectic and it can all begin to feel a little overwhelming.

Here at HUX we recognise the importance of looking after both body and mind, health is holistic and it's important to make sure you're taking care of yourself. That's why this month we focused on all things 'stressing-less' and how nutrition is an important part of the equation  for supporting both mental and physical health. 

Koggno Podcast

This month our Community Manager Maddy featured on the Koggno podcast. Koggno is a new platform and podcast exploring approaches to mental & physical health, an helping to navigate wellbeing. Click here to give the episode a listen and hear about all things HUX and Maddy's personal journey into the wellness industry.

Stress Less Edit

From stress hacks to our Sunday Scaries Series, our content this month was all about supporting you and helping you to find ways to manage stress. It's important to find what works for you, and cultivating practices that help you cope with stress can feel daunting at first, there's so many to choose from! Try and have fun with it, turn it into an act of self care and remember the importance of carving out time for you. We curated a special Stress Less Edit with our friends at Woo, the ultimate marketplace for the weird and wonderfull. Check out the edit here

HUX x Wavey Casa

Speaking of self care, we're all about creating a wind down routine, setting your space and feeling those mega chill vibes. It's important, especially as the days are getting shorter and we're wanting to get all cosy. That's why we collaborated with Wavey Casa to create to unique HUX Candles. Our products are meant to be SEEN, on your shelf not in your cupboard, Wavey Casa stands out from the rest, with their whacky candles and it was only right that we teamed up, we wouldn't just partner with any candle company...

Wavey Casa have kindly offered the HUX Community a 15% discount, use code HUX15 to redeem.

HUX x BXR Versa Climb Class

Hydration tablets and sweat, they go hand in hand. And if you've tried a versa climber class, especially one at BXR then you know that it's the sweatiest workout around and we LOVE it. We got some of our HUX Ambassadors down for a very fun and of course extremely sweaty class at BXR this month, taught bu our very own ambassador Danni B.

It was seriously tough but a great way to bring our community together, get sweaty and of course, get rehydrated!

Review of the month:

Complete Daily Greens - Charlie P


I struggled a little with the flavour at first but now I wouldn't be without it. Every morning after CrossFit I have my super greens before work as part of my routine. It sets me up of the day. Full of all the good stuff and I love how it contains ashwagandha. It really puts me in a positive place each morning. Highly recommend.