HUX X Hystride - The collab you've been waiting for has arrived

Running is IN and we're here for it.

Over the last few years running has blown up, in. big way, and as the health brand that likes to do things a little differently, we thought it only right we join the conversation, in a way that's a little outside the box...AKA design some killer sunglasses because why the hell not?

And that's why we've teamed up with the masters of the eyewear game Hystride, for our limited edition Marathon Bundle.

Feel good. Look the part. Run FAST.

Here at HUX. we believe health should be accessible to everyone, it's a big part of our mission and we're always striving to keep health simple and uncomplicated, so you can go out and live your life. 

Running is pretty similar in that respect, it doesn't require any specific equipment, any fancy gym memberships - it's literally as simple as getting out the door, you on your terms, one step at a time. 

Our Marathon Bundle is everything you need to get going and feel good on your running journey. 

The HUX X Hystride Bundle includes:

1x HUX x Hystride Limited Edition Sunglasses

1x HUX x Hystride Limited Edition Socks

1x HUX Hydration Multi-Flavour Triple Pack

1x HUX Shaker

HUX Hydration is the perfect partner to your running routine, not only fantastic for any workout, around long runs in particular - electrolytes are essential for proper fluid balance. 

The importance of good quality eyewear also has more impact than you might think on your running. Apart from the obvious UV protection sunglasses offer your eyes, having tension in your face or squinting in bright light can cause your muscles in your neck & shoulders to tense up, throwing off your form and making your runs harder than they need to be. 

NOT a vibe.

Don't underestimate your 'feet' wear...

Often overlooked, finding the argh pair of good quality socks is a must when it comes to running. Look for socks designed to wick away moisture and that are breathable.

Other things to look out for are a seamless design, which will help prevent chafing and blisters. 

*it's been said that orange socks in particular make you run faster...just saying. 
What are you waiting for?
Shop our VERY Limited Edition Marathon Bundle now and get yourself ready to RUN!